Albert Meco, from the GRASIA research group, wins the second prize in the contest Robotrader organized by the UPM 2012

Albert Meco (right in picture) student of the Master's Degree in Computer Science and member of GRASIA, won the second prize in the Robotrader 2012 organized by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

In this competition, each participant manages virtual $ 1,000,000 through an automatic investment system that operates in real time in the financial markets for two months. Along this time, Albert's system got over $ 225,000 profit, net of fees, ie, 22.5% profit in two months, which would mean 135% of annual profits. The automatic trading system is developed by Albert in his Master's Thesis Work, which is being led by Javier Arroyo (left in picture) and Juan Pavón, both members of the GRASIA research group.

Albert Meco wins the second prize at Robotrader 2012