Practical Cases of Alzheimer Patients

Difficulty to do simple tasks

The daily activities can be affected by the sympthoms of the illness. In this case we study the example of a patient who suffer from difficulty in falling or staying a sleep.

Desorientation in time and space

In this practical case we show a simulation of a patient with desorientation. What is defined in the simulation is the possibility of detecting that the patient has been more than 10 minutes outside a room between 0:00 and 8:00 am. When it happens, we indicate him/her the way to the bedroom by turning on the lights of the corredor and the bedroom.

Placing objects out of its place

Placing objects out of its place is other case study that can be simulated. The loss of keys, the loss of TV remote control, the loss of medication.

Practical Cases of Parkinson Patients

Patient with tremor in the hands

We simulate a practical case with patients that are doing daily activities such as watching TV. The aim is studying the behavior of the patient while he/she is assisted with other common electrical appliances.

The activity of eating and drinking

It is possible to simulate the everyday life of Parkinson patients in a realistic way. We can describe the effect of the illness in a part of the body: hand, neck... Activities like drinking, eating, taking a shower. can be can be thoroughly studied thanks to a realistic simulation that allows generating solutions that improve the life of the patient.

Taking a shower

The sympthoms of this illness complicate the daily activities of the patients. An activity as usual as taking a shower can be practically impossible without other person's help. In this case we simulate the user doing this activity.

Practical Cases of Crowds in Open Areas

Students' entrance in the Faculty

Simulating the behavior of people in open areas allows analysing factors that could affect those users that have limitations. In this simple example we only simulate the students' entrance in the faculty using the principal entrance. We could extend the practical case to users with certain limitations.

Flow of crowds in big areas

We simulate the behavior of crowds in big areas, such as the Faculty of Computer Science, to observe the flow of people in the different spaces of the facility.

Modelling tool for simulations

We introduce a brief example of the use of the modelling tool to generate simulations. This version is conceive to be developed. It is possible to integrate it with Android components to increase its functionalities. Download the presentation and send your suggestions.

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