The GRASIA research group is focused on software engineering and modelling of complex socio-technical systems. It has a special focus on applications of multi-agent systems, distributed systems, big and open data processing, collaborative software, and social networks.

The group has developed multiple tools that support and crystallize this research.

Publicly funded research projects

In the context it has delivered and maintains several open source tools: INGENIAS Development Kit (IDK),  for model-driven engineering of distributed intelligent systems ( and an editor for specification of self-management systems (, both based on the INGENME metamodel editor ( Nowadays it is involved in the development of the  Teem collaboration tool ( for Commons-Based Peer Production communities.

Technology transfer projects

It has also participated with partners like Boeing R&T Europe, Telefonica I+D, MindFields, Ibermática, eLaCaixa, ZiV, among others.


Our tools are being applied in domains such as:

  • Support to peer communities (commons-based peer production)
  • Ambient assisted living (Parkinson’s disease)
  • Sociology (social relationship simulation)
  • Organisational science (work team formation)
  • Environmental science (ecosystem surveillance)
  • Sustainable development (water resources management and regional strategies for disaster prevention)
  • Economics (double-auction markets).


The group has experience in coordinating and participating in research projects since its foundation in 1998, both at the European level since FP5 and national calls.

GRASIA is part of the to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), which is the largest university in Spain (with around 85,000 students) and one of the oldest universities in Europe, with its origin traced back to 1293. The UCM hosts a wide diversity of research institutes and more than 180 departments. UCM technological scientific infrastructure (with an annual budget exceeding 500 M€), together with the quality of its researchers (more than 6000), has established some of its laboratories among the best all around Europe.