Research on Agent based, Social and Interdisiciplinary Applications

Research Areas


Agent Based Modelling of Social Systems

Agent-Based Modelling (ABM) is a tool that faciliates the study of complex systems, which is being applied for the analysis and understanding of social phenomena and as support for decision making. Social system entities can [...]

Agent-Oriented Software Engineering

Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE) is concerned with methods and tools for the development of multi-agent systems. This work is organized around the INGENIAS methodology and the ICARO framework. INGENIAS provides a modeling language for Multi-Agent Systems [...]

Ambient Intelligence

Ambient Intelligence (AmI) pursues developing intelligent environments, where applications, sensors and actuators seamlessly and transparently integrate to provide a user-centered experience. One of the main difficulties in AmI is the integration of heterogeneous components at [...]

Big & Open Data: Analytics and Development

Big and Open Data power data analytic applications with a massively parallel processing (MPP) analytics engine that stores and processes big data analytics together with data. Our research deals with  breakthrough performance and scalability at [...]

Collaborative Economy

The Collaborative Economy, an umbrella covering from peer production (like Wikipedia) to crowdfunding (like Kickstarter) and the sharing economy (like Blablacar) is an emergent paradigm where communities of people collaborate mediated by an online platform, [...]

Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Integration of AI techniques for the development of real applications in different domains: Ambient Assisted Living Aeronautics Flexible manufacturing Energy Web services personalization Knowledge management Social neworks analysis and simulation Systems of Systems Most of [...]