Are you curious? Do you want to push the limits of knowledge and technology? Do you think that we can make a difference in society with our skills? Would you like to work in international research teams shaping the future? If you answer yes, you are looking to collaborate with GRASIA, and we are willing to collaborate with you in your challenges!

GRASIA research is on the edge of the state-of-the-art in areas such as systems to support online communities, the study of social networks, social simulation, intelligent agents, smart cities and grids, or big data. We develop these activities in the framework of projects like the European P2P value and FoTRRIS, or national like SociAAL and MIRED-CON.

Our results are made public and available to the society as open source tools. Some of these tools are the INGENIAS Development Kit (IDK) for multi-agent systems, the INGENME meta-editor for model-driven engineering, and the Teem collaboration app for Commons-Based Peer Production communities.