Long Presentations

José M. Gascueña and Antonio Fernández-Caballero.

Prometheus and INGENIAS Agent Methodologies: A Complementary Approach

Cu D. Nguyen, Anna Perini and Paolo Tonella

Experimental Evaluation of Ontology-based Test Generation for Multi-Agent Systems

Jorge Gomez-Sanz, Juan Botia, Emilio Serrano and Juan Pavón.

Testing and debugging of MAS interactions with INGENIAS

Alma Gómez, Iván García-Magariño and Juan Carlos González-Moreno.

Denition of Process Models for Agent-based Development

Lin Padham, Michael Winikoff, Scott DeLoach and Massimo Cossentino

A Unified Graphical Notation for AOSE?

Sylvain Rougemaille, Frédéric Migeon, Thierry Millan and Marie-Pierre GLEIZES.

Methodology Fragments Definition in SPEM for Designing Adaptive Methodology : a First Step.

Khanh Hoa Dam and Michael Winikoff.

Evaluating an Agent-Oriented approach for Change Propagation

Erdem Eser Ekinci, Ali Murat Tiryaki, Ovunc Cetin and Oguz Dikenelli

Goal-Oriented Agent Testing Revisited

Luciano Coutinho, Anarosa Brandão, Jaime Sichman and Olivier Boissier

Model-Driven Integration of Organizational Models

Short Presentations

Jan Sudeikat and Wolfgang Renz.

A Systemic Approach to the Validation of Self–Organizing Dynamics within MAS

Massimo Cossentino, Salvatore Gaglio, Stéphane Galland, Nicolas Gaud, Vincent Hilaire, abderrafiaa KOUKAM and Valeria Seidita.

A MAS metamodel-driven approach to process composition

Ingrid Nunes, Camila Nunes, Uirá Kulesza and Carlos Lucena

Developing and Evolving Multi-Agent System Product Lines

Christian Hahn and Klaus Fischer

The Formal Semantics of the Platform Independent Modeling Language for Multiagent Systems

kalyan chakrawarthy and Rushikesh Joshi.

Capturing Task and Dependency Aspects in Agent Oriented Requirement Specifications

Iván García-Magariño, Jorge Gomez-Sanz and Fuentes-Fernández Rubén

An Evaluation Framework for MAS Modeling Languages based on Metamodel Metrics

Valeria Seidita, Massimo Cossentino and Salvatore Gaglio

Using and Extending the SPEM Specifications to Represent Agent Oriented Methodologies

Development Support Track

Oleg Karsaev, Vladimir Samoylov and Victor Konushy

Support for Analysis, Design, and Implementation stages with MASDK

Bart-Jan Van Putten, Virginia Dignum, Maarten Sierhuis and Shawn Wolfe

OperA and Brahms: a symphony?

Min-Jung Yoo and Remy Glardon.

A Feasibility Study on Using Open Source Agent Platforms for the Distributed Simulation of Enterprise Value Adding Networks

Development Case Studies Track

Daniel Cabrera and Claudio Cubillo

Using PASSI + UML-F for Software Framework Design: A Study Case on a Passenger Transportation Virtual Enterprise