The workshop welcomes the submission of all papers on aspects of agent oriented software engineering. A non-exaustive list of relevant topics include:

* Methodologies for agent-oriented analysis and design
* Agent-oriented requirements analysis and specification;
* Relationship of AOSE to other SE paradigms (e.g., OO);
* Process models for agent-based development
* UML and agent systems;
* Model-driven architecture (MDA) for MAS;
* Service-oriented computing in the context of agent-based systems;
* Refinement and synthesis techniques for agent-based specifications;
* Verification and validation techniques for agent-based systems;
* Software development environments and CASE tools for AOSE;
* Standard APIs for agent programming;
* Formal methods for agent-oriented systems, including specification and verification logics;
* Model checking for agent-oriented systems;
* Engineering of large-scale agent systems;
* Experiences with field-tested agent systems;
* Best practice in agent-oriented development;
* Practical coordination and cooperation frameworks for agent systems;
* Standardisations for AOSE;
* Re-use approaches for agent-oriented software, including design patterns, frameworks, components, and architectures;
* Integration of agent-oriented software into existing business processes and implications on business process re-engineering;
* Implications of agent-oriented software on organizational and social structures within and between companies (e.g. changes in roles, responsibilities, transparency, business processes and decision schemes).

Special Tracks
In addition to papers of general interest, we hope to have two special tracks: one is a Development Case Studies track, the other is a Development Support track. Topics for these tracks are different from the previous ones. Further details can be found on the Special Tracks page.