20 Jun 2016 » PHAT - Check distance and read a QR code on PHAT
A test to check maximum distance from a virtual Android device is able to read a QR code on PHAT. Zxing is the app for reading the QR codes. It has been modified using jALI to get images from the simulator PHAT instead of the real world. Recorded distances are... more

01 Jun 2016 » Building Prototypes Through 3D Simulations
Building Prototypes Through 3D Simulations The demo introduces a fast prototyping method based on 3D simulations and the kit AIDE. The system is part of a development philosophy called Virtual Living Lab, where part of the experimentation is made against simulated 3D worlds which show a behaviour close to the... more

17 Mar 2016 » Speech Recognition with CMU Sphinx (Real vs Simulated world)
This experiment shows how PHAT allows virtual characters to interact with Android devices using a voice interface and the application’s responses are the same, both virtual and real world. more

16 Mar 2016 » Interacting with a tv using voice commands
Parkinson’s Patients sometimes find problems managing remote controls due to their hands’ tremors. This scenario illustrates how a simple remote control application may allows patients to improve their autonomy. The application looks like a common remote control interface plenty of buttons, but it also support a voice interface. If the... more

29 Feb 2016 » Integration between AIDE and UniversAAL
A work in progress is the possibility of running the UniversAAL platform over the emulation services and provide a deployment closer to the research in AAL. The video illustrates a proof of concept integration between the 3D simulation of a presence sensor and the corresponding UniversAAL service running in a... more

28 Feb 2016 » Comparation between images from simulated and real camera
The video compares the video streams obtained by a camera and the video stream obtained from a simulated camera. In both videos, the simulated actor as well as a human volunteer perfom the same gesture. The video represents side by side the video as captured by a smartphone camera and... more

23 Feb 2016 » Simulating a week of activities of two characters
This simulation reproduces the daily living activities of two characters along one week of simulated time. The simulation is run at 128 times the usual speed. Emulators of AAL devices can connect to this simulation and evaluate their robustness and performance in real time. This requires to run the simulation... more